A digital ecosystem to improve the relationship between dentist
and patient.


Service blueprint
UX and wireframing
UI Design



The challenge

Dental practices have traditionally been equipped with old software that provides little transparency to their patients and does not really promote good clinical case mangament.
IDI Evolution decided to challenge the status-quo by creating a powerful digital platform with a focus on design and usability.

Our mission

From the outset, our priority was to gather the company's variosu business requirements and understand the needs of dental practice managers during their working day, so that we could provide them with the perfect user experience to improve their workflow and make it easier to read and understand patient data.

In 2019, we began our partnership with IDI Evolution, a leader in implant dentistry.

Who is IDI Evolution?

Founded in 1985, IDI Evolution is a visionary company with a broad spectrum of products for the dental world. We started working together following a decision by the owners and leadership of the company to pursue its digital transformation roadmap even more.

What we have done

During the last 3 years, we have designed 3 digital products for the company that have already had a direct impact on the outlook of doctors and patients.
The first project we worked on is Alfred, a "digital assistant" for the
dental world.

User Interviews
Service blueprint
UI Design

User Journey

Since there is a wide range of stakeholders, we started our work by creating a service blueprint highlighting the main product touchpoints and behind-the-scenes activities.
This was a key moment in making sure that the team of developers was fully in tune with the IDI Evolution team.


Once we had a full understanding of the company's business model, product line and business objectives, we created the first low-fidelity wireframes to make sure we were in line with the vision of IDI's management.

UI Design

We then designed the high-fidelity wireframes and, through a series of iterations, created the final user-experience.
We worked with Andrea Montini on the UI, creating a modern and distinctive visual language.

Il risultato

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Andrea Piantoni
Responsabile commerciale, IDI Evolution

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