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Usability testing and interviews
Service blueprint
UX and wireframing
UI Design and Design System



The challenge

With thousands of users already using the platform, Jointly wanted to improve their conversion rates. In fact, since Jointly has a white label solution used by some of the largest Italian companies, it needed a navigation experience that was user-friendly and, at the same time, customizable according to the needs of its various customers.

Our mission

We wanted to make it easier to navigate the thousands of services offered by Jointly, allowing each user to find the one that best meets her needs; whether it involves a babysitting service, a gym membership or an outing.

Who is Jointly?

Jointly is one of the most innovative players on the Italian welfare scene. Their proactive attitude helped the company to quickly establish a position in a very crowded market. However, a few years after launching, the Jointly team felt the need to re-design for improved user navigation and conversion rates.

What we have done

The Jointly case required a comprehensive approach starting with some usability testing to understand the main obstacles of the platform in use at the time. We, therefore, organised face-to-face interviews with different users and asked them to complete a specific task without any external support or help.

User Interviews
Service blueprint
Design System
Usability Testing
UI Design

User Journey

Through some design workshops, we visualised the user-journeys "as-is" so we could easily identify any friction and bottlenecks and divided the user journey into four macro-phases: 1) onboarding 2) service identification 3) checkout 4) service use.

We identified 47 usability issues that were then prioritised according to Jointly's business needs.


Once the user-journey had been shared with all the stakeholders, we began to focus on the new UX, gathering the requirements from the development and sales teams.

Design System

UI Design

Jointly is aimed at a very divers audience, from the 50+ year-old executive to the 22-year-old girl who has just joined the company. For this reason, we created a final design that met our client's need for an institutional look and feel, but at the same time was easily adaptable to Jointly's client brand guidelines.

Responsive Design

The result

With AlwaysBeta, we have explored a business that is far removed from the classic e-commerce logic.
We shared, we collaborated, created and finally innovated.
It's a partnership that has enabled us to make a difference.

Giacomo Bava
Product Manager, Jointly

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